Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Microsoft warns of bug in 64-bit Windows 7 Downplays threat with low exploit rating, recommends disabling Aero

Wow isn't this the same bug I've been complaining about in Irfanview for a while now!
Hence the BSOD in CDD.DLL which is the canonical driver!
The bug is in Windows' Canonical Display Driver, which blends the operating system's primary graphics interface, dubbed Graphics Device Interface (GDI), and DirectX to compose the desktop.

Bluescreens on both Ati and Nvidia videocards using the latest stable drivers so I doubt it's a driver issue as I said before.

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daveangel said...

Looks like Microsoft patched this bu not long after I posted this. Irfranview no longer causes a BSOD.

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