Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wow this is pure genius totally explains why I can't get through to others.

"There is nothing voters hate more than having things explained to them as though they were idiots."
For Mr Westen, stories always trump statistics, which means the politician with the best stories is going to win: "One of the fallacies that politicians often have on the Left is that things are obvious, when they are not obvious.

For example this morning my mom was like we need to get to the bank by noon before it closes and I said no I just checked online and it doesn't close until 1 pm.
Then my older sister butts in and says her boyfriend also says they close at 12.
Okay so we show up to bank and right on the door it says it closes at 1 pm as I already knew.
So I tell my mom after I leave the bank and she just says oh well at least we'll know for next time -- DOH!!!

Security and programming closely related

This is why I chose to stick with software than with networking:
Black Hat Attendees Scrutinize Adobe Flash, Website Flaws

What's the deal with no Flash on iPhone?

This may shed some light on the root of the problem:
HTML 5 is no Flash or Silverlight killer — yet

Saturday, January 30, 2010

iPad not for geeks!

In case you don't get what all the hype is over the iPad this explains it brilliantly!
The Apple iPad, explained to geeks

Apple iPod hardware Inside Out

A closer look at the insides and cool hardware powering the iPod/iPhone:
A closer look at iPhone 3G S Cortex-A8 ARM and PowerVR chips
Also, more specific info on the upcoming Apple A4 custom CPU.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

iPad out

Most overhyped product finally out.
Apple's new tagline for product is:
"Our most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary product at an unbelievable price."

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why you should've been running 64 bit Windows like yesterday already

One of questions we are always getting around here is whether you should get 32 or 64 bit Windows 7 and I always recommend 64 bits myself.
Anyways, here's another example of how 64 bit Windows is more secure and also explains why some games that use 16bit installers don't work anymore:
Windows plagued by 17-year-old privilege escalation bug
A security researcher at Google is recommending computer users make several configuration changes to protect themselves against a previously unknown vulnerability that allows untrusted users to take complete control of systems running most versions of Microsoft Windows.

Apple (finally) boot camps Windows 7

Anyone that was waiting for official Apple support for Windows 7 on their mac the wait is now over:
Apple (finally) boot camps Windows 7

I've been running Win7 32 bits just fine on my mini for several months now so this should be good.

Apple works slowly towards OpenGL 3

Apple works slowly towards OpenGL 3
In the latest release of the glorious new OS X beta there appears to be some initial support for parts of the OpenGL 3.0 spec. According to Ars Technica, the developer test build of 10.6.3 contained a number of OpenGL 3.0 extensions, as well as a few for the updated 3.1 and 3.2 specifications.

Well if you are using bootcamp and using windows as I am if you install the latest Nvidia drivers you'll get full OpenGL 3.2 without having to wait :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

QuickTime 7.6.5 is a Windows-only release that increases reliability and improves compatibility.

QuickTime 7.6.5 is a Windows-only release that increases reliability and improves compatibility.

Annoying Windows media player popups

I've recently started getting annoying Windows media player popups randomly in Windows 7. I manually disabled the Windows Media Network Sharing Service. Hopefully this will fix it because I don't know why it started in the first place and that's what scares me?
Anyways, here's a useful WMP troublshooting site:

Windows Media Player: WMP mini FAQ

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mac security: what you can ignore

Mac security: what you can ignore
Viruses, worms, and botnets? Still not a threat to the Mac.
When you say "computer security," most people think "viruses," "worms," and other forms of malware. They also think, "Mac users don't have to worry about it." And they're correct. But that could always change. So it pays to keep your eyes open for credible reports of new Mac security problems and to change your computing habits accordingly.
Okay and how long have we been waiting for the big one to happen now?
I guess it already sort of happened on the iphone but then again remember it was "jailbroken" iphones...

Bootcamp 3.0 FAQ

Useful if you are planning on running Windows on your Mac.
Why would you want to do that though?
Boot Camp 3.0, Mac OS X 10.6: Frequently asked questions

Stanford iPhone development course returns for winter 2010

Stanford iPhone development course returns for winter 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Microsoft step-by-step troubleshooting for game crashes updated for Windows 7

If you are new to troubleshooting games or someone bugs you about it and you don't have time to fix their problem for them you can direct them to this. Very handy :)
Game crashes or closes unexpectedly
In practice I don't agree with the order of their steps though.
Personally, I reorder the steps. First check the game compatibility first because what's the point of even bothering to install the game if others have already done the work for you and know that it's not gonna work? Then go to steps 1,2 then 5,8,9 then 4,3 and whatever is left if all else fails!

Windows 7 Hotfix

Hotfix for 3 Stop errors resuming from Sleep/Hiberate
I haven't seen this myself and I have several 2TB harddrives but I do have a hard time shutting down the pc completely when I have my esata external drive attached.

Games that don't work in Windows 7 64 bits

Since everyone else seems to have started one here's my unofficial list of games that I have personally installed and found not to run in Windows 7 64 bits:
Dungeon Siege 2 Broken World
You can read more about the specifics in the following links:
Games that don't work in Windows 7 64 bits

Win 7 Game Compatibilty??? Master Resource / list?

I'll be adding and modifying the list as I install more games.

Stalker Clear Sky - won't run until you install latest patch since it uses/installs Tages driver that needs admin permission!

Microsoft website says Age of Mythology doesn't work even though I got it working just fine.
Also incorrectly says Dungeon Siege I doesn't work.

Funky colors still a problem in Starcraft :(

Dungeon Siege
Dungeon Siege II
Microsoft Age of Empires I
Microsoft Age of Empires II

Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator I
Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator II
Stalker Clear Sky

Not Working:
Dungeon Siege 2 Broken World

p.s. One other note is that I have manually changed DEP from the default to:
"Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select."
This causes havoc with a lot of programs and I don't recommend messing with it unless you want even more work getting games to work :(

Friday, January 8, 2010

Apple's philosophy in an upgrade chart

Spotted around the interwebs recently is a Windows 7 Upgrade Chart that details which versions of Windows can be upgraded to Windows 7 by upgrading in place, and which versions need a clean install, or in Microsoft speak, a Custom Install.

With the upcoming release of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, I’ve drawn up a chart to cover the same thing and dispel any confusion.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

List of games with SecuROM 7

Handy list to have because most of these games won't work with Windows 7 due to disc check!
List of games with SecuROM 7

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Windows 2008 and wireless networking

Just installed Windows 20008 R2 and was wondering why my wireless network wasn't working.
Basically wireless service is disabled by default so you need to enable it first to get it to work.
Convert your Windows Server 2008 R2 to a Workstation!
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