Monday, January 16, 2012

AMD graphics woes

Been doing some game programming with my older AMD quadcore machine with old ATI radeon 4800HD graphics card and got nasty BSOD. This AMD article gives like a million different steps and things you can try to fix it. No wonder kids these days just stick to console gaming. Way too much complexity! How to troubleshoot “Display driver stopped responding and has recovered”, ATIKMDAG.sys type errors

Friday, January 6, 2012

WG111v1 and Windows 7 x64

How to get old WG111v1 usb network adapter working in Windows 7 x64 since Netgear won't provide updated driver according to this message from Microsoft: Address a problem with WG111v1 WG111v1 isn't compatible with this version of Windows. Netgear Incorporated, the company that manufactured WG111v1, has informed Microsoft that they don't expect to offer updates to solve this problem. To search for similar devices that are compatible with your version of Windows, go online to the Windows 7 Compatibility Center: Windows 7 Compatibility Center If you are running Windows 7, you might be able to install a Windows Vista driver in compatibility mode. How to install a driver in compatibility mode Right-click the driver installation program you saved to your desktop, click Troubleshoot compatibility, and then click Next. In the Program Compatibility troubleshooter, click Troubleshoot program. On the next screen, select The program worked in earlier versions of Windows but won't install or run now, and then click Next. Select a version of Windows that is earlier than the one you are running, and then click Next. When asked to test the program with the chosen compatibility settings, click Next. This will run the driver installation file in compatibility mode. If you experience a problem with the driver installation program, click No, try again using different settings, and then choose compatibility settings for a different version of Windows. If you don't experience a problem with the driver installation program, click Yes, save these settings for this program. Follow the steps in the driver installation wizard to complete the installation. What is compatibility mode? Compatibility mode is a setting that can be applied to older programs that helps them run better in newer versions of Windows. If a program that was designed for an earlier version of Windows is running poorly, or not at all, running it in a mode that is compatible with an earlier version of Windows can correct or improve the program's performance. Just download the prism drivers from this page and it will show up as prism 802.11 usb adapter and work just fine.

Disable hibernation in Windows 7

Can't believe I always forget this since it's one of the first things I always do on a Windows install. Run command prompt as admin and type powercfg.exe /hibernate off Most people won't notice all the disc space it's eating up, 8GB, in my case unless you have a ton of ram and small SSD drive or raptor drive. If you are really lazy you can jut run the Microsoft fix it for me file and it'll do it for you

AMD-V not working: VERR_SVM_IN_USE

Annoying error on my quadcore Phenom due to buggy bios! AMD-V not working: VERR_SVM_IN_USE

Why don't I get a strong signal with my 5 GHz wireless connection?

The Netgear website actually has some pretty decent answers on their website. For example: Why don't I get a strong signal with my 5 GHz wireless connection? In a nutshell prefer 5GHZ for short distances and 2.4 for longer distances but you get less speed.
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