Friday, August 7, 2015

Windows 10

Should I upgrade or let Windows update upgrade my current Windows install?
Well here is my personal experience on trying to upgrade my Window machines i.e. not good!

I'm holding off upgrading Windows 10 until at least SP1 which is usually the smart thing to do anyways. Actually, don't really have a choice since Windows 10 upgrade failed on all the Windows machines I have so far anyways. I'm getting the epic ""Something Happened". error when it try's to upgrade my Windows machine that other's have posted screenshots of:
Changing the language settings seems to fix it for some people but didn't for me. I'm guessing Windows 10 just like all versions of Windows before it is getting confused by all the hard drives in my machine. I would always have to disconnect all drives except the primary for it to work correctly due to all the complex partitioning logic involved. Here's another nice summary of some of the glitches you might run into with Windows 10 due to using multiple monitors, using Nvidia graphics card and having too many programs installed.
 Then there is the too many programs installed bug which I would run into since I have over 700 on my machine 
 So I guess it's a good thing the Windows 10 upgrade failed on my machine until they fix these glaring bugs. Think they sums it up best: People hoping #windows10 is gonna be less crappy are like a girl staying with traitor bf saying "He's gonna change". p.s. Some funny comments too by people whose upgrade to Windows 10 failed: "I tried that fix but ai still get the same error message "Something happened" Yep I am switching to mac That's what happened !!!"
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