Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost the inconvenient truth

"The whole show was a 6 year money making scam with a kick- in-the-head finale. It could have been over in the first episode. Plane took off. Plane crashed. Everyone died. End of story.......but...

The writers were responsible for creating interest so everyone would watch each week. All the unanswered questions and cliffhangers were intended to make you come back again. It has been said before that the writers made up the story as they went along. Most likely true.

As people developed a likeness for certain characters, their acting parts were expanded on. The creators of the story protected their investment. If the actor created a fuss about time on screen or if the public disliked a character enough, they could be written out of the show with little or no explanation. If they wrote someone out and received a bunch of flak about, they could be written back in via flashbacks, flash forwards or flash sideways.

As interest waned, the writers created a new characters or situations to create new questions. This show could have gone on forever in this mannar, but even the writers ran out of new ideas eventually.

The finale was pre-planned from the beginning of the show. Everyone says the story is all about Jack. Possibly, but it didn't have to be. Could have been any one of them at the end closing his eyes. The public woudl have accepted this from any of the loved charaters. This protects the writers against a contract dispute sometime during the series.

Dharma, polar bears, smoke monsters, nuclear bombs, submarines,"others", sub sea bases etc. These ruses were all added a-la-carte as the show progressed. You can bet that six years ago, the writers had no knowledge that these would be part of the story.

The makers and cast of LOST are all sitting back, with their wads of cash and laughing at all the publicity, questions, speculation and discussion. Get over it folks. It was intended to entertain and make money. It did that. But those of you trying to tie loose ends up, looking for answers...there aren't any. None were intended, No explanations, No final resolution. And why would they. Now you will still be discussing it for years to come. What more could a writer ask for?

The plane took off. The plane crashed. Everyone died. The rest is just stuffing. Get over it."
All I can add is that I"m glad I wasn't one of the suckers that waited 6 years for this and watched all 6 seasons of the show on Hulu in the last couple of months instead.
I would've really been pissed if I had followed this show for 6 years and had to put up with this ending!

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