Wednesday, June 23, 2010

WG111v2 Version 4.0.0

WOW they finally come out with Win7 drivers after I've been running it over a year now!
Better late than never I guess...
New Features and Enhancements
* Win7 x86 and x64 support (WHQL certified)..Just tried them out and the setup program still don't work right!You have to manually help out Windows find the correct drivers halfways through the install or it will never complete!


Alfy said...

can you leave a link for where to download and intructions on how to do it, ty =D

Alfy said...

don't worry i found out, but thanks anyway ;D

Willi said...

I'm running into the same problem. Could you tell me how get version 4.0.0 to work with Win7?
Thanks - WB

daveangel said...

During install right click on unknown usb network device in device manager and point it to netgear folder setup program should've created.

Jasmine Carrel said...

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