Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lost series finale: did the writers have any answers to begin with?

Unfortunately, the way they needlessly and blatantly killed of characters I'm betting it's the latter and I'll be left even more bitter than when they killed off the real Locke if that's possible!
The reasons I say this is look at Walt?
It seems like they were testing things out with that character and it just didn't work out.
Also, I remember reading an interview with one of the actors on the show(I think it was the one that played Said) and even he didn't understand why the show's writers killed off so many of the main characters LOL!
Oh well I don't expect much tonight I just hope they kill Jack cuz I can't recall a more obnoxious character in a show I've watched in a long time and it's not a total waste of time...

Think this guy hit nail on the head and sums up the way I feel about the show and don't really care anymore since they killed Locke. Then again in order to keep people like myself interested in watching even though they "technically" kill him he's not really gone and in almost every episode as before but is now a fake Locke LOL!
So like he said it really is about the characters and everyone know's Locke is the most interesting.

it has reminded us of a fundamental truth of drama--that it's really all about the characters--and it gives us everything good about a sci-fi, except with a big, gaping hole in the middle.

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