Monday, November 19, 2012

Restore Windows 8 from a .wim file

1) Download the WAIK (W7 version is fine) 2) copy file IMAGEX.EXE from the WAIK to a directory -- use the correct IMAGEX file for the Windows you want to restore -- it sits in the TOOLS directory of the WAIK. (AMD64 for Windows 8 x-64, or the version in x-86 for 32 bit version. Don't use the one in the IA directory). 3) then simply run the command : imagex.exe /apply install.wim 1 d:\ (d is the assumed drive you are using for your target system and the .WIM is the name of your .WIM file --I've just taken as an example the standard "INSTALL.WIM' file that exists on the install media for Windows 8 Consumer Preview). Note this must be a device (can be a USB etc) which already has an ACTIVE partition on it. You'll also need to create the Boot image after the WIM has restored run bcdboot.exe d:\windows /s d: /f ALL (assumed d is the device where you have restored the WIM image via imagex). You will actually need a Windows 8 system to create the boot record --the W7 version of this program has slightly different parameters So the easiest way if you don't have a Windows 8 system is just quickly install a "Mickey Mouse" one -- takes about 10 mins - 15 mins -- doon't bother with finding drivers etc -- all you want it for is to run the bcdboot command and then you can get rid of it. You could even use a VM.

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