Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gen Petraeus dead drop email and Skype

I always knew Skype employed it's own encryption so the following is an easy way to make use of it if you don't want to end up like Gen. David Petraeus and have all your secrets revealed to the work. Petraeus and his mistress should have taken far more measures than the rudimentary ruses they used that were already well known and ineffective. The dead drop email account works well if the server where the account resides is in a nation that has no diplomatic relations with the USA or any of its allies. That way, any requests from US authorities will be ignored. So the only way that US authorities can get into the account and examine it is to know the actual URL and the username and password. That can easily be hidden from authorities. Petraeus and his girlfriend should have taken the following measures and I would advise anybody else to do this: 1. Set up the email dead drop account on a server out of any US jurisdiction. 2. Ensure that your computer does not have any malware such as keyloggers. 3. Access the dead drop email account via an anonymous proxy server in another nation. 4. Encrypt the actual message with strong encryption software that has no backdoors. Only problem with above scheme is that with cloud computing servers could be spread across the globe and you have no idea if it's using one in the US or Amazon. There is another very good way of exchanging messages and it's so crude and simple that I'm surprised that Petraeus and his mistress didn't think of it. It is literally unbeatable. Here is the way: 1. Set up a Skype connection to your target. 2. Call your target and establish a video call. 3. When connected, make innocuous conversation. 4. While talking, write your message on a piece of paper and hold it up to the webcam. 5. Your target can respond with her own message held up to her webcam. How simple is that? Unless the authorities actually intercept the actual video feed, which is highly unlikely, as Skype is encrypted on the fly, then nothing is sent or received and the paper that the messages are written on can be destroyed on the spot. So folks, there's a couple of ways to avoid scrutiny by anybody. Good luck

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