Tuesday, February 9, 2010

In Defense of Microsoft

I know, I know. You hate Microsoft for its bloated, buggy software, its slowness to innovate, and its government-certified, monopolistic bullying. I won't argue with any of those points, or those made last week in the NY Times by former Microsoft VP Dick Brass, who called his former employer "a clumsy, uncompetitive innovator."

Talk about FAIL!
Only reason Microsoft is ubiquitous is that it is in fact a convicted Monopoly! And like all monopolies, it kept prices artificially high for it's software.
Instead of costing less year after year a new version of Windows will cost you the same if not more!

Author also forgets that for years Microsoft made it difficult if not impossible to install alternate operating systems on a PC.
"And all of those businesses can exchange content because their hardware and software is compatible." Sure tell that to a person trying to open a office 2007 document in an older version of office LOL!
Wonder how much Microsoft paid him for this article?
Ironic that Microsoft killed 2 of the thing on the top 10 list of things they liked about Microsoft linked in that article namely:
Flight Simulator

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