Thursday, May 10, 2007

weird winxp BSOD

Ok WinXP finally took a dump on me and I have to blog about it since it hasn't done this for quite a while. Actually the last time XP has bluescreened on me is trying to play abacuspubs commuter express addon for flight simulator.
Also I think it might be related to latest MS tuesday patch update since there was a patch to ntfs for 3rd party programs or something like that. I think it had something to do with diskeeper 10 since I got the BSOD right after I did a bootime defrag of the MFT. The actual stop code was either stop 0x24 or stop 0x25. So I tried last known good and that didn't work so I tried booting into my Vista install and that when it detected the hard disk corruption and automatically ran a diskcheck on my winxp partition. The error it detected was security incorrect on file resetting to default or something to that effect. Ok so after that I was finally able to boot back into winxp without bluescreen. Only problem then was that diskcheck totally screwed up ntfs permissions on my xp partition and login was all jacked up since didn't even have permissions to access xp partition. So I had to manually readd system,user,authenticated users to regain acess! Hopefully this never happens again since it was a royal PITA!

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