Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Another Vista driver workaround

If you have a HP deskjet 995C and upgraded to Vista expecting it to work it doesn't.
HP's official reponse it to buy a new Vista compatible printer but if you are cheap and resourceful as I am you just workaround annoyances like this:
Find your printer in device manager and just manually install the drivers this time by selecting the builtin HP printer driver for the 990c printer and tada the printer you thought was rendered a paperweight by Vista and time is ready to print!


Guido Stercken-Sorrenti said...

Great hint - worked fine. Thank you!

Gavin said...

Worked fine for me too. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. Thanks so much.

Nazim said...

Worked like a charm. Thanks.

N. Nathoo

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